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Get Fic and Help Kitties!
You can read the story of the tragedy at Sahiya'a journal. It's heartbreaking and I honestly don't want to have to do my own write-up. :(

Inspired by her, I'm also going to offer a (smaller) number of fics to people who are willing to donate.

Here's how it works.

1) I'm offering three fics 1000 words minimum, and one 3000 words minimum.
2) Post a comment on my DW to claim one (or several!) of them. (If you don't have a DW account, you can use Open ID. If you can't do that, either, you can claim on LJ, but I'd really rather keep all the claims in one place, so please try that first.) :)
3) Go to the SCN's webpage and donate--US$15 if you'd like a 1000w minimum fic, and US$35 for the 3000w one. (Obviously, I'd be thrilled if you donated more, but that's the minimum.)
4) Please send me a screenshot or forward me your confirmation e-mail at yamx at dreamwidth dot org.
5) Give me your prompt.
6) Fandoms I'm offering: Doctor Who, White Collar, Avengers. If you want something else, please shot me a message or comment here--there are other things I'd be open to writing in principle if the prompt is something I feel I can do.
7) As for subject matter/pairings--if you're reading this journal, you probably know the kind of stuff I usually write. Anything along those lines is definitely okay. If you want something radically different, please query first. Anything from PG to explicit is totally on the table, but obviously, keep the length in mind. If you want a super-intricate plot, the 1000w fics probably can't deliver. (I'm willing to go somewhat over if the story demands it, of course, but within reason.)

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